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Wifac Star Premium-T

Wifac Star Premium-T

The versatile Wifac Star Premium-T is a positive-working thermal plate, suitable for a variety of printers, from commercial- to package printing.

The advantages of this thermal plate are obvious. Stability and continuity, because our supplier only uses European aluminium. Also short logistic lines, allowing smooth deliveries in proper boxes is guaranteed. The Star Premium-T plate, like other plates in the product range, has a good price-performance ratio. 

The plate is complimented with chemistry with the name: Wifac Star Premium-TC(chemistry). This chemistry is supplied by the same A-brand that supplies the Star Premium-T plate and is therefore produced under the same circumstances. 

For more information, please refer to the data sheet, but you can also contact Wifac International.

Phone: + 31 297 289 691
Fax: +31 297 288 446


Luc van den Boomen, e-mail


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