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Ink portfolio

Ink portfolio

Wifac International is a one-stop provider for quality-conscious printing supplies. Within the printing supplies range, ink is one of the key parameters in the printing process. Wifac International is working closely together with the most renowned ink-producers in the world and a complete portfolio of inks for every requirement is the result of this cooperation.

Our extensive ink-program consists of:

Wifac Star Universal ink
A cobalt-free, versatile and user-friendly offset ink, applicable for commercial, packaging and label printing. This ISO 12647-2 certified European ink has a very attractive price level!

Natura V Low Migration Ink
An excellent mineral oil free printing ink for printing foodstuff packaging (certifications of ISEGA, Nestlé, etc. are valid).

UV LED ink
With an excellent transfer property on all substrates. By using this ink, up to 20% waste savings are possible.

Cradle to Cradle ink
With world´s first Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate, ideally suited for use on food packaging, drug packaging and agricultural applications. Be ready for the coming European environmental and health regulations!

Wifac Webstar Newspaper-ink
Leads to minimum ink-usage, reduction of cleaning efforts and reduction of job through-put times. (also waterless)

Waterless sheetfed Ink
Especially formulated for presses with keyless inking units.
One thing all the inks have in common: exceptional quality against attractive pricing, combined with professional technical assistance.

Learn more about our inks?
Please contact Mr. Luc van den Boomen, phone + 31 6 53 47 60 06 or via e-mail









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