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Wifac Star Collection Universal

Wifac Star Collection Universal

The Wifac Star Collection Universal series is designed to be a modern, intensive universal series for the widest possible range of applications. It can be printed on nearly all types of presses (straight and perfecting) and can be used for the majority of printing substrates.

Due to its universality the Wifac Star Collection Universal series is also suitable for single and multi-color presses with low to high printing productions.

The Wifac Star Collection Universal series stands out by its:

  • High colour intensity
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • High shine
  • Excellent printability
  • Good handling 
  • Excellent colour-water balance

ISO requirements
Wifac Star Collection Universal series meets the requirements of ISO norm 2846-1. Its colour intensity and accuracy allow printers to meet all the conditions of ISO-norm 12647-2 as regards to colour and grey balance.

As modern color scale the Wifac Star Collection Ink fulfills Universal the requirements of ISO standard 2846-1 to series. Their color strength and Punktschärfe make it possible to keep the printer all conditions of ISO standard 12647-2 from color side to obtain as well as a very neutral grey balance.

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