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Wifac Star Collection Stable

Wifac Star Collection Stable

The Wifac Star Collection Stable is a 4-colour ink, largely made from plant-based oils. This means it meets the environmental requirements within the Corporate Social Responsibility framework.

The Stable is a duct fresh ink especially suited for the production of equivalent results on different offset printers. The ink is easy to process on any type of paper. Due to, for instance, its excellent ink/water balance, colour intensity, gloss and abrasion resistance the Stable produces excellent printing results.

The Wifac Star Collection Stable series stands out by its:

  • Low tac
  • High colour intensity and high gloss
  • Largely made from plant-based oils

The black ink is also available in an intense black. The Stable ink can be combined with the Wifac Star Collection Pantone colours.

The ink has been manufactured in accordance with ISO 2846-1 and can be used for printing in accordance with ISO 12647-2.

Please click to find the brochure in PDF format.


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